Festival Park Day Nursery

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Suitable Clothing

Children have the best fun when they are doing messy work. We will always try to make sure they wear aprons but accidents happen so please dress your child in suitable clothes. Remember lots of fun and learning takes place outdoors, so please ensure your child is dressed for the weather. If your child travels by car please make sure they have a suitable jacket for outside play. It helps if you put your child’s name on their clothing to prevent confusion should we have two items the same. We also ask that your child has soft shoes/slippers in nursery to change into.


There are forms of dress that are unacceptable, such as items of clothing which:


  • Potentially encourage faction (such as football colours)
  • Could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans)
  • Could cause health and safety difficulties, such as loose fitting clothing, dangling earrings
  • Carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco
  • Could be used to inflict damage on other children or be used by others to do so

Glasgow City Council is concerned at the level of claims being received regarding the loss of children’s and young people’s clothing and/or personal belongings. Parents/carers should note that the authority does not carry insurance to cover the loss of such items and any claims submitted are likely to be met only where the authority can be shown to have been negligent.