Festival Park Day Nursery

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Our Aims 

We provide an enriched learning environment to meet the needs of each individual child through working with the pre-birth to three document and Curriculum for Excellence.

Staff will endeavour to:

Birth to Three

  • Show genuine interest in both children and their families.
  • Be Responsible in ensuring and promoting positive relationships and the impact this has on children's future outcomes and life chances.
  • Ensuring an effective and high quality provision for young children and their families.
  • Promote general wellbeing, health, nutrition and safety. 

Curriculum for Excellence

  • To develop self-esteem in every child.
  • Promote attitudes, skills and understanding which will achieve effective learning skills.
  • Develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns etc.
  • Set acceptable standards of behaviour.

We Aim for our Children to Become: 

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Learners
  • Responsible Citizens
  • Effective Contributors

How we promote learning: 

  • Encourage understanding of what has been learned.
  • To share experiences with the child. 
  • To provide positive feedback and praise.
  • To encourage children to share responsibility for the selection and maintenance of resources. 

What We Do: 

We allow time for children to explore, initiate and extend play. Create space in which children may play alone or with others. Provide Materials and equipment, which are vaired and plentiful and appropriate to the children's culture, experience and interests.