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Under Three's

Under Three’s

It is during our very earliest years and even pre-birth that a

large part of the pattern for our future adult life is set.



The Scottish Government, National Outcome for Children



Glasgow City Council’s aim is that all services to children and families, during the earliest years of a child’s life, are committed to ensuring that all children have the best possible start in life. Every child has the right to a positive start where they can be nurtured to develop “…a capacity to love, empathy, respect, resilience, positive relationships and the chance to succeed”.

We strive to provide an enriched learning environment which meets the need of each individual child through the Pre-Birth to Three document. The children will take part in a wide variety of experiences covering five curricular headings Literacy, Health and Wellbeing Emotional, Social and Personal Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing Movement and Co-ordination, Numeracy and Mathematics and Curiosity.

The under three’s planning has four key principles which form the basis of this guidance:


  • The Rights of the Child
  • Relationships,
  • Responsive Care
  • Respect


All our staff are aware that these principles are linked to each other.

Our staff regularly record and share significant observations along with selecting planned learning outcomes that meet the needs of each individual child.


At Festival Park Day Nursery we work in partnership with parents/carers in sharing information about their child with each child having their own individual profile and also through our home links sheets/information sheets. Please see staff if you require any further information.